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Our distance calculator finds the distance between 2 points using the Haversine Formula to calculate the distance as the crow flies, and it uses Google maps for road distance calculation and map display. To perform a distance lookup, enter an origin and desired destination into the search boxes. You can enter any geographic point you like, you can enter:

  • Country name
  • City name
  • State name
  • Town name
  • Street name
  • Postal Code.
  • The form make auto suggestions, make sure to pick both origin and destination from the auto-suggestion list, and press the "GO" button.

    You can use our driving directions tool to plan your trip. By simply inputting your origin and destination points, as describe on question "How does the distance calculator work?" in this same page, you will be able to know all the details about your route. Our tool will provide you with turn by turn directions to your destination, travel cost calculations, time to destination, recommended hotels to stay and even CO2 emissions calculator for the environmentally conscious.

    To print driving directions you will find a “PRINT DIRECTIONS” button. By clicking it you will be directed to a printer friendly version of the page, where you can find a map with the overview of your route and a list of turn by turn driving directions. From this page you can now click File > Print in your browser’s menu bar or hit CTRL+P (for PC) or ?+P (for Mac) on your keyboard to print. Your browser's print dialog will appear. Follow the instructions to print your directions.

    Fuel cost is estimated by considering the distance between the two locations and the average price per gallon from the U.S. Energy Information Administration website. We do our calculations using the average consumption of gallons per miles for a standard car. Additionally we also show the estimated cost for heavy cars and efficient cars in the text titled “Fuel Economy” under the map. Average consumption of the mentioned type of cars are also mentioned in the "Fuel Economy" paragraph.

    Emissions are calculated with an average CO2 emission of 182 grams per mile. CO2 emissions may be lower if you use an electric car, an efficient car, or a brand new car; while it may be higher if you use a heavy or an old car.

    Flight or direct distance is the geographical distance between the two locations in a straight line, assuming there is an airport exactly in your origin point and in your destiny point. For calculations we take into account the curvature of the Earth, so technically speaking, we calculate the geodesic distance or the great-circle distance between two geographical points.

    Our website includes a flight search engine from which you can find and book your desired flight. To offer the best available deals for flight tickets we partnered with dohop.com. They are a very reputed brand in the flight tickets business and offer a secure and easy to use booking experience that we trust and recommend.

    You can find hotels at your destination but we don't manage the booking process directly. We will show you recommended hotels on your trip destination and you can proceed to book them with our partner booking.com. They are a very reputed brand in the hotel booking business and offer a secure and easy to use booking experience that we trust and recommend.

    When entering the locations, make sure you pick a location from the list of suggested places in both, origin and destination boxes, then press the “FIND” button to get the distance information.

    Sometimes, for example when the starting point and destination are on two different continents, the driving distance and directions can not be calculated, since there are no roads between them. In this case you can check the flying distance. If a driving distance is definitely possible, check if you have picked the right locations. If you find any other errors, please get in touch with us and we will try our best to solve it.

    We calculate both the linear distance and the driving distance between two given points. For the linear distance we calculate it taking into account the Earth's curve and we use very precise calculation using the latitude and longitude of your origin and destination points. For driving distance our tool will offer you the shortest distance by road. When performing the time estimation, it does take into account the type of road and current traffic on route. As part of our system we make use of Google Maps APIs helping us to provide accurate information to our users.

    Yes, traffic is taken into account when calculating the driving time. Accidents, traffic jams and construction zones are usually considered in calculations too.

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