Fight Distance and Duration Calculator

Flight Distance Mileage Calculator with Map

Calculate the flying distance between cities, airports and countries and display them on a map.

To calculate flying distance between two points you can enter city names, state names, countries, or even zip codes or street names. This will find the great circle distance (orthodromic distance ) between any two locations on the planet.

The calculation is done using the Haversine formula and the Vincenty algorithm, the latter is used by most GPS receivers. This returns the flying distance "as the crow flies" or great circle distance in Miles and Kilometres, and prints them on a map.

Flight Duration and nearby airports

Our flight mileage calculator also calculates the flight duration time and finds nearby airports to any location. Please note that the flight time between cities is hypothetical: most cities do not have an airport in the middle of the centre. This is where the Nearby airport finder comes in handy! For accurate calculations you should enter airports in the search fields. The tool is handy to find out how far it is between cities and can help solving your homework problems.

How to use:

To find out how far it is between any two locations, add a departure point and destination in the search-box on top of this page and clik the red "GO" button. You can perform searches based on a combination or either of the following data in the search boxes:
  • Country name
  • City name
  • State name
  • Town name
  • Street name
  • Postal Code also provides a calculator to find the driving distance between cities in miles and kilometres by car, a tool to find latitude and longitude coordinates and elevation, and it can calculate travel time by car, fuel costs and fuel consumption in gallons.

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Fight Distance and Duration Calculator

Mileage Calculator for Flight Distance, also shows nearby airports and time duration of your transit.
Rated 4/5 based on 52 reviews

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