Distance Between and Wolf Creek = Miles

Calculated driving distance between Frenchglen, Oregon and Wolf Creek, Oregon is miles, this equals kilometres. Estimated driving time is in current traffic conditions. With an average car, this trip would cost around $ in gasoline, since you would need about gallons of fuel.(Based on current US Gas prices and average mileage of 3.6 gallons gas per mile).

Leaving from Frenchglen, Oregon located in Oregon - United States you would reach Wolf Creek, Oregon (Oregon - United States) in about driving an average speed of miles per hour to cover the miles, assuming traffic conditions stay unchanged and you don't take any breaks.

Map Overview

The map overview below shows the best driving route from Frenchglen, Oregon to Wolf Creek, Oregon as a blue line on the map, with starting point () marked A, and destination point (Wolf Creek) marked B. You can zoom in on the map to view road numbers, street names and other details both in Frenchglen, Oregon and Wolf Creek, Oregon as well as every other town near or on your route.


$ approx
Frenchglen, Oregon
Lat : 42.827969
Long : -118.915215

Wolf Creek, Oregon
Lat : 42.695395
Long : -123.395342

Elevation Graph & Altitude above Sealevel

The starting point's elevation is 1278.968628 m (4196.09 feet) from sea level. Destination point Wolf Creek elevation is 385.955017 m (1266.26 feet) relative to sea level.
The Graphic below shows the elevation map of the route between these cities.

Frenchglen, Oregon
Elevation : 1278.968628 m
(4196.09 feet)

Wolf Creek, Oregon
Elevation : 385.955017 m
(1266.26 feet)

Geographic Coordinates: and Wolf Creek

Geographic coordinates for starting point Frenchglen, Oregon in Decimal Degrees are: Latitude: 42.827969 and Longitude: -118.915215. Coordinates for destination location Wolf Creek, Oregon are: Latitude: 42.695395 and Longitude: -123.395342.

Driving directions

If you are planning a road trip from Frenchglen, Oregon to Wolf Creek, Oregon, we offer detailed, turn by turn driving directions on a printable map. To get detailled driving directions from and Wolf Creek Click here.

Flying distance between Frenchglen, Oregon and Wolf Creek, Oregon

With our Flight Distance Calculator you can find the straight line distance between locations. To get the flight distance between and Wolf Creek Click here.
You can also use this tool to locate airports nearby Frenchglen, Oregon and Wolf Creek, Oregon, estimate flight duration time and lookup timezone info and view the local time.

Cost of driving from Frenchglen, Oregon to Wolf Creek, Oregon

Depending on the fuel efficiency level of your car, driving from Frenchglen, Oregon to Wolf Creek, Oregon will cost you between $ and $ approximately. An average car makes this trip for approximately $. Driving costs are calculated based on average gas prices in the US - Toll and other costs are not included in this calculation.

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Distance Between Frenchglen and Wolf Creek

Calculate the driving distance between the 2 cities Frenchglen and Wolf Creek
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