Driving Distance Between Cities Calculator

Distance Between Cities Finder

This tool finds the distance between national and international cities, towns, states and countries. It will calculate the driving distance in miles and kilometres between the 2 points you enter, and displays them on a map. The calculator also finds additional information on both locations such as coordinates, latitude and longitude, travel time, fuel consumption in gallons, and costs if you travel by car. If you need a straight line distance (as the crow flies) or circle distance between 2 places, use the Flight Distance tool.

If you are looking for detailed driving directions to plan a route or trip, use our Route Planner tool.

How it works:

To calculate a distance from any point, simply add a starting point and destination point in the search-box on top of this page and hit the "GO" button.

You can perform searches based on a combination or either of the following data in the search boxes:

  • Country name
  • City name
  • State name
  • Town name
  • Street name
  • Postal Code

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Driving Distance Between Cities Calculator

Mileage calculator for the driving distance between two Cities.
Rated 3.2/5 based on 980 reviews

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