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Driving Directions

Get and print the best road driving directions on our interactive map and plan your trip or travel with our on-line route planner tool. We provide simple printable maps for any trip. will get you turn-by-turn directions to your destination and accurately estimates driving time, cost and driving time for your trip. This route planner takes the current traffic conditions into account and tries to avoid heavy traffic, busy roads and traffic jams on highways.

Plan and print your best route trough our website. Our Maps have pinpoint accuracy to ensure you have detailed driving directions to and from your location. Simply enter your start point and destination in the search fields above and we will calculate the best route and plot the line on the map.

At, we are determined to help you find the best possible route quickly and easily!

If you are planning an intercontinental or long distance trip by air-plane, try our flight distance calculator

How to use:

To find the driving directions between two locations, add a starting point and destination in the search-box on top of this page and hit the "GO" button.

You can perform searches based on a combination or either of the following data in the search boxes:

  • Country name
  • City name
  • State name
  • Town name
  • Street name
  • Postal Code also provides a calculator to find the distance between cities in miles and kilometres by car, a tool to find latitude and longitude coordinates and elevation, and it can calculate travel time by car, fuel costs and fuel consumption in gallons.

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Similar to mapquest and google maps we provide distance info and get the best directions for your trip and display it on a simple map. In our tools we have tried to show you additional information that we think will be convenient for planning your trip. If you like our distance finder, route planner and geo tools, please hit the share buttons in the sidebar!
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Get Driving Directions on Map

Online Directions for Driving and a Visual map to display your route. Find and Print turn by turn Directions on this travel map.
Rated 2.1/5 based on 193 reviews

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