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About Distance Between US

This website aims to provide several handy tools to calculate distance between 2 cities with elevation graph and height details, we offer a car and flight route planner for people who want to plan a trip or simply want learn the distance between places.
Next to that we offer a lot of local city info that makes planning your trip more convenient: You can checkout the local time for any place in the world, you can lookup geographic information such as latitude, longitude and elevation, and you can find nearby places of interest such as local airports, nearby cities and even plan your flight trip from our airport search. Travel time by car as well as gas usage and estimated cost of a trip is also calculated.

Purpose of this site

Distancebetween.us is our effort to create a set broad of tools that allows you to quickly plan your trip and lookup distance information, plan a detailed route, and calculate the cost of driving for a specific trip, finds near airports close to starting point and destination, and lets you draw a route on a map to calculate it's length or area.


We regularly update this website en keep it up to date to provide reliable and accurate information about distances between cities. If you have any questions, or see anything that is not working correctly, please do not hesitate to contact us. We aim to give our users the best user experience and appreciate all feedback.


We are adding new handy tools and features on a regular basis and want to grow this site into your favorite go-to distance and route calculator.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so please let us know any feature requests here.

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